The congress secretary’s message:


The annual orthopedic congresses in medical science universities across the country have a significant share in raising the scientific and practical capabilities of the orthopedic community. This year, after several sessions of contemplation, co-operation and arrangements by the orthopedic professors of Tehran, Iran and Shahid Beheshti Universities of Medical sciences, we have decided to have one university host the congress for all of the three mentioned universities in order to have a more unified and coherent congress.
Tehran University of Medical Sciences is proud to be the first host of this huge gathering and contemplation and shall make all efforts to conduct a very well organized and coherent congress with the vivid presence of prominent professors from all three universities.

In this congress we shall do our best to achieve the following goals:

– Convergence, synergism and contemplation of orthopedic colleagues in universities.
– Making grounds for maximum attendance by colleagues to conduct a more graceful orthopedic congress.
– Presenting the practical and scientific advancements by university professors.
– Reducing costs for conducting distinct congresses.
– Enhancement of knowledge and skills of the specialists and students by increasing the interactions in field of orthopedics.
– Attracting the maximum co-operation by all companies in the conduction of university congresses.

Eventually, while inviting all dear colleagues to take part in the first joined orthopedic congress, we hope that this event would be the start of a great development in the field of orthopedics and raising the scientific research level.

Scientific & Executive Secretary
Dr. Mohammad Reza Golbakhsh

Congress Countdown


Dr. Parvizi Award

For the best residency dissertation

The orthopedic group at Tehran University of Medical Sciences, with aims to honor the scientific and ethical position of Dr. Javad Parvizi; professor at Thomas Jefferson University and the elected professor to the annual congress at Tehran University of Medical sciences, presented the Dr. Parvizi award to the best residency dissertation across the country which included a cash prize for 1 period of membership of the JBJS magazine contributed by the orthopedic association as well as a 6-month course of fellowship at the Thomas Jefferson University with Dr. Parvizi. As you know this year (1397), we are at the 4th anniversary of the presenting the Dr. Parvizi Award to the best residency dissertation. The goal of Dr. Parvizi and all of us here is to raise the level of residency dissertations.


Orthopedic Surgeons and residences